red pen on life

Riddling my life with red pen and starting a fresh page mistake free.

Shorty, lemme buy you a drank…

Well, if you insist.
You can make it a soda.
Or if you want to be really sweet…
I do fancy hot cocoa.

What? No alcohol?
Sorry. I stopped drinking.
Just for a while.
To focus…
On my studies.

Perhaps I should make it more interesting and say I stopped drinking to study the effects of uninhibited flirting, making out, and…well…yea….you know. That all seems a bit more interesting. It’s like taking a tiger from it’s cage in a zoo and introducing it to the actual world without bars.

Get it?!

Damn, I am funny…even when sober.
And drunk.
Too bad you guys couldn’t get to see that.
It’ll come back.

Unfortunately, this challenge reminds me of when I became a vegetarian for two months on a $1 bet. This challenge went right through Thanksgiving. What a strange and sad Turkey Day at that. This whole not drinking will fall through Halloween. I told myself I would drink until my birthday (in Dec.) but now I’m really sad because I wanted to get all slightly intoxicated and enjoy the night this year. What am I supposed to do? Get chocolate wasted? No, I don’t want to stain my outfit. I’ll be wearing white.

No, I’m not going as an angel.
I’m going as a nurse.
A slutty nurse.
Who also knows combat.
Her name…Elle Driver.

We’ll see what happens. Perhaps I’ll break my no drinking ‘til December rule to consume a beverage or two at Halloween. Or perhaps I’ll just go as a slutty Elle who stays sober and still enjoys the night.

What a gamble.
Place your bets!

  1. theusoftamerica said: Sometimes being the sober one at a drunk party is more fun! If I come to Saginaw for Halloween, I’ll stay sober with you!
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